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IT Equipment, Parts, Spares


NWT stocks and souces equipment, parts, and spares for all leading IT manufacturers including Nortel, Northern Telecom, Dell, HP, Honeywell, IBM, Maxtor, Micropolis, Priam, Quantum, Samsung, Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, and more. 

Over 10,000 hard drives in stock as advance unit replacements or for parts repair on your disk drive unit. Search our database or contact us for a quote today. 

Repair Services


Repair and remanufacture out-of-warranty and legacy disk drives, storage systems, interface boards, controller cards, RAID arrays, NAS & SAN systems. 


OEM trained repair and remanufacture technicians on staff to keep you up and running and on-time for your customers.


Large inventory of spares for repairs.  


Data Recovery


Hard disk drive data recovery of inaccessible data from damaged or corrupted media. Data is recoverable from storage devices with either physical or logical damage. 


Internal hard disk drives
External hard disk drives
Solid-state drives (SSD)
USB flash drive
Storage tapes

IT Equipment Parts, Repair, Data Recover


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